RC + joystick on the same gimbal
  • Hi guys!
    I previously made gimbal with button to switch power from joystick to RC. So it became universal for single or dual operator. (Then in app you change RC settings from PWM to Analog or vice verse )

    My connections:
    1) joystick power & RC reciever main power - button switch -> board 5v
    2) joystick ground & RC reciever main ground - united into one wire -> board ground
    3) joystick X & RC reciever X - united into one wire -> board RC Roll signal pin
    4) joystick Y & RC reciever Y - united into one wire -> board RC Pitch signal pin
    5) And all other RC reciever wires -> corresponded board pins

    1) When power button for joystick is off - the RC works fine
    2) When power button for RC is off - the joystick on Realtime TAB instead of ~1200 neutral position - is about ~1600 - so i cant even deadband it.

    What i noticed is even if i pull out all the wires from RC except ground and turn off th RC - the joystick is still messed up the same like above. So i guess it's some noise from reciever. I believe that 8 wires button switch (the number of wires from RC) will solve this problem - but it's bad solution due to its sizes.

    Your thoughts, guys?
  • You Should not connect PWM and Analog to same pin at same time. The PWM has resistance though RC is off and that causes your problem in analog Joystick only.

    Why not to connect PWM and Analog joystick to different board pins?

    Also it should be possible to Mix analog and PWM joysticks on GUI (connecting other to FC inputs) but I have not tried this.
  • Thank you so much, Garug!

    Haven't even thought abot FCs. I'll try FC inputs and write the results!
  • Ahh, the joystick connected to FC pins doesn't respond in realtime tab. Just simply display the same value.
  • Maybe the FC mix channels needy to be activated too.