Roll pin is DEAD?
  • Hi guys!

    My problem: on 8 bit board the roll pin doesn't work - the pitch motor works fine, but the roll motor just shaking back and forth, and cant hold current angle (i mean i can barely touch it with the finger and it rotates and doesnt resist, though i got proper pids in gui). (Take a look
    ) It's not prob with motor (i tried 3 motors) as i switched them and again the roll pin doesn't work. The board doesn't look like it's damaged or what. So what can i do? Or my only option is to buy the new one.

    Help appreciated!
  • It is not clear what is the test setup in here and what are you trying to archive. However based on your analysis it seems that you have come to the conclusion that the motor output on board is broken.

    if so I guess nothing else to do than contact the seller and hope he replaces it or buy a new one.