Multirotor "camera man" setup
  • I have a DYS Smart-3 gimbal. it is running some earlier version of Basecam that is running firmware 2.3b5.

    Rather than set this up as an FPV camera, I wanted to enable someone to wear my SkyZone goggles and control the direction of the camera while I'm flying.

    I have it set up and it works... mostly. The biggest problems I have are:
    * It is a bit sluggish to respond, especially if the person looks from side to side very quickly.
    * There is a bug in the 2.3b5 SimpleBGC GUI that will not allow you to change the min angel of the yaw from the default -45. This is frustrating because the gimbal could easily support going from -90 to +90 or even more.
    * I have not tried upgrading to the 2.4 firmware and GUI because I've heard from a couple of people on these forums that the 2.4 firmware is a bit too "jittery" when mounted on multirotors.

    Here is a very rough and shaky video demoing it. Sorry for the video quality, but now you can see why I wanted to get a camera man! :)