Diy gimabal frame here
  • maybe it´s me but there is no pic...
  • I also cannot see any picture
  • Roll and Yaw motor will likely need additional support, their bearings likely can not that that kind of torque. Yaw motor looks small compared to others. Yaw needs likely most power. Camera is all too low, it is not in balance and would be good to design the gimbal as small as possible for the cameras it will be used with.
  • Vyral why don´t you get a ready-to-assemble handheld gimbal? Unless you want to go through the same problems we´ve all been buy a kit if you want to build one. It will also save you plenty of money.
  • Hi to all
    Please excuse me for not replying as I had a lot of thing to do as I am Photographer.
    well I was hoping to save some money as I do not have them.. .
    The frame is made from alu 15x15x1.5 and I have already buit it since I need it for video, the price for the constuction of the frame was under 50usd.

    Here is him working

    this is a video from an event I had to shoot.

    I do have to make more adjustments to it as the roll axis tend's to not me quite ok wobelling as the operator is moving.
  • Bravo, On you endeavor I wish you great success. I am still suffering with a kit.
  • Thank you I still need to improve the design and I would like to flip the handles to be more easy for the operator to work whit it and hold it in the hands for a longer period of time.
  • I can also post here the details for the frame. As I was looking for a cheaper also light and strong solution.
  • Yes! please post. Which brand yaw motor are you using and model number. I have a GH3 on a Eagle Eye gimbal Chinese copy huge mistake it didn't come with pressed in nuts so I had to try to balance it while holding a wrench and an allen key. Luckily I ordered press in nuts from ebay and installed them.