• Hello, excuse me for this question, I'm trying to get more information than webpage has (like you as I can see in your discussion "https://forum.basecamelectronics.com/index.php?p=/discussion/2489") focused into the compatibility to use CANbus sensors with BaseCam Extended board. My intention is to buy "SimpleBGC 32bit Extended 2-IMU Set" with a second CANbus sensor to get sense in 2 points; the fame (included sensor in board) and external in camera (the second one I'm going to buy). 1) As I can see, on October-19, a new firmware beta version 2.61b2 update has been released. Did you test?. I need to know the results because don't want to buy nothing if it's not developed, as you say. [Thanks so much for the warning!!!]. 2) Have you information about the sensor characteristics. I can't compare with I2C because it should be a "black box", no information is given. Please, at least, send me an answer to know if you read this email. It's necesary to decide. Thanks a lot and
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