Wireboard alexmos-highpower-3-axis-brushles
  • I've recently got my hands on a gimbal with an Alexmos 6s 70a installed : https://aerialpixels.com/shop/gimbals/brushless-gimbal-controllers/alexmos-highpower-3-axis-brushless-gimbal-controller-6s-70a/.. The USB connector of the wireboard has broken off.
    It was allready broken as I got it so I never got it to work. Now I found some spare time to look into it.
    I am googling the hell to find a replacement wireboard or perhaps a total controller replacement. Anyone with tips or help?
    Best regards, Ceasare
  • Hello,
    This control board is not our product.
    We can recommend you any compatible control board with your gimbal.
    Can you tell more about your gimbal? What the weight of camera?
  • The gimbal itself is designed for Red Epic (6KG) MR design is what I can read from the construction.
    I will use it for Canon 5D with 24-70 and perhaps accidentially a Red rental so I still would like it be able to handle 6KG cams.
    The pan motor is the only one that has type info written on it: iPower Motor GBM8017-120T Brushless Gimbal Motor, perhaps that is why the Alexmos is 70A, the Tilt an Yawn motors are blanc.

    Hope there is a reltively cheap alternative ;-)
  • Hello,
    Does the motor looks like this one? https://www.iflight-rc.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=193
    What number of wires comes from motor to control board?
    I mean, has the motor buil-in encoder or not.
    Because if gimbal uses encoder, the best choice would be the extended controllor board: https://www.basecamelectronics.com/simplebgc32ext/
  • It is (as far as I can see) the same motor. It has three wires... Is that with or without encoder?

    Thanks allready for helping me out this far.

  • Hello,
    Usual BLDC motor has three wires connected to control board.
    Additional wires required to encoder connection, and usually around 3-5 wires.
    What type of battery do you use with your gimbal? What number of cells?
  • Hello,
    The battery is a Blue Monster 2700 mAh with three cells (11,1V-30C)