Yaw turning not stop after startup.
  • I have been using Basecam 32 bit for years on many gimbals and had nothing but joy using them for drones, handheld, car rigs, cranes and more.
    BUT I am having my first ever problem with this one gimbal, the landing gear is attach to the gimbal but not the drone, this is the first time for me using this kind of configuration and I really need it to work. I could be overlooking something very simple.
    When I have the gimbal standing on the floor and tun it on the top motor (Yaw) just starts turning and does not stop turning. That would cause the drone spinning when on the ground and that is not ideal of course. The gimbal responds to all RC inputs, also both ways on the yaw axis but does not stop spinning, If I start yaw to lift it yaws to left but does not stop when I let my hands of sticks. All sticks go to center position when I take my hands off them.
    Then if I let the gimbal hang in the air with legs off the ground like it would be when attached to the drone and flying it stays still, it does not turn the yaw motor continuously, behaves normally and responds to all RC inputs normally, I can yaw to left and right and when I let go of the stick it stops and stays in the position where it was when I took my hands off the stick.
    Using same remote and receiver in both casis and have used them on many other gimbals. It is a DJI 5.8GHz Remote controller and receiver.
    Any idea anyone?
  • Here is a link to a video of both landing gear on and off ground.
    Just needed to be able to disable motors until after take off and inable after take off and disable again before landing using switch on the remote.