com port not communicating with board
  • useing windows XP with latest JAVA etc. When i connect my usb to the board i get the fashing green light. when i open the gui I have the option to select which com port to use 'com 9' when i connect the gui reads 'connecting to com 9..' and thats where it stays...
  • Load the firmware again, flash the board with 2.0b3 fw and then retry. Also make sure your using the right com port
  • Struggling to communicate between software and board. Installed windows driver for the com port. Open Xloader - The hex file is a MHTML file. The Xloader looks for a hex file - I have to change that to " all files" is this correct? When I open the GUIv2.0 b3 it pops two windows- 1 a dos prompt like window running a list of data, ( date, command /connect thread etc) and the 2nd window is the GUI but the Calib Acc is not accessible / grey. Any ideas please?
  • p.s. I did select the com port on the GUI and connect.
  • Update, faulty board, replacement on its way. Joy to the world!