Gimbal behaving strange - rolling by itself
  • Hi,

    We're trying to understand this strange behaviour from our Foxtech Seeker gimbal with camera.

    The gimbal is controlled by PWM from a microcontroller on yaw & pitch. However sometimes when we power up the gimbal it starts to roll back and forth (sometimes even getting stuck in a few degrees rolled left or right), the problem occurs about 1 in 5 flights.
    We've tried tuning it the best we can, and as i said it works great 4/5 times.

    There might be an obvious fix for this that we have missed, all input is appreciated!

  • Don't know whats up with the video, can't post youtube link without it being embedded.
    Try this link: http://tinyurl.com/y39z378h
  • it might be caused due to any kind of fall maybe
  • I can't think of an "obvious fix" for that... You're controlling only yaw and pitch? There is nothing connected to the pins for roll command?