hacking Zhiyun, Moza, Feiyu for use with Basecam software?
  • I have several handheld gimbals and I wish I could tweak their settings with the Basecam software. Is this possible? I know Pilotfly, Nebula, Beholder use simplebgc, but they also require manual PID tuning which gets really tricky.

    So I guess I want the best of both worlds: I want the preset tuning of the Zhiyun/Moza/Feiyu gimbals, but I want to be able to customize with Basecam's app and desktop software. Am I dreaming?
  • Pilotfly does not require manual PID tuning, FYI - I'm using the defaults that it comes with and it works perfectly with a variety of payloads.
  • Which Pilotfly do you own? I had the H2 and I could never get the vibrations to go away without tuning for each camera/lens combination for hours/days/weeks...it was a nightmare. Is the Adventurer improved? Can you use it right out of the box?
  • You need to set the notch filters as shown here to fix that issue: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1YHdlFZAxdssEmV1j9hG0TFJyzMjvGfbo