Power vs Battery
  • Could someone please confirm that the power setting relates to the battery voltage and is not regulated. IE. power of 255 on a 4 cell lipo is the same as 125 on a 6 cell lipo.
  • I do not know and also do not know why it would be important. The gimbal parameters will need to be found for the setup you have and there is the automatic voltage drop compemsation that can be used for compensating the voltage drop.
  • I ask as I spent a lot of time setting up a gimbal on my test rig which was using a 4s battery but my drone is 6s so I want to know if I should do a new setup using a 6s battery.
  • I would recomend setting it up with the battery it will be used with.

    If the gimbal is with encoders, it is better to use close to full power, I use full power with regulated power and 230 with unregulated to leave room for voltage compensation to work.

    If it is not with encoders, you should monitor the motor temperatures with the voltage it will be used, to find suitable power setting.
  • Hi Garug.
    Thanks for your advice!