Yaw motor not stabilizing
  • Hello everyone!

    I sure hope someone can help me. I have an issue with the yaw not being strong enough and am trying to figure it out if its a battery issue or stronger YAW motor. I have pics and video but doesn't look like i can post it here. i increased to max power on the yaw in basecam still does the same thing. Ive tried increasing the P in The PID controller for the yaw as well to its max and same results.

    So when i move in the roll and pitch direction it stays stabilized.. as soon as i move yaw its fine but i tilt a little further and it rotates almost to the other side completely. i thought it was because my camera was to heavy so i took of the lens and tried with just the body which shouldn't be to heavy for this and still same results.

    Venom 3 cell 11.1v 22200 20C Battery
    BGM5208-200-12 3x for all axis
    Alexmos 32bit board
    Canon 80D for DSLR

    PID Controller
    ROLL 55 .04 53
    PITCH 50 .28 56
    YAW 60 .13 86

    Motor Power Settings
    Roll 200 0
    Pitch 220 0
    Yaw 255 53

    Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

    thanks in advance.
  • have you try to use 14V not 11.1V ?
  • Is it balanced for yaw when you lie the gimbal on its side?