Problem to balance Pilotfly H2 45 (wont hold the weight to calibrate when turned off)
  • Hello Everyone.

    I bought a Pilotfly h2 45 last week and tested it for about two days with my A7SII + Sigma MC11 adaptor + Zeiss 85mm 1.4 planar T, and it was working flawlessly. Very easy to balance, and was stabilizing nicely the camera, was really happy with it.

    However Yesterday i went for my first event coverage with it and i dont know why i was unable to balance it. When the gimbal is turned off and i'm trying to balance it, all the axis wont hold the weight for it, even when its without the camera. I cant put the camera on any position even when it seems balanced. If i turn it on, it works. All motors works perfectly, however the gimbal isnt properly balanced so it wont stabilize the camera as it should.

    I recorded a video of the problem, hope somebody knows how to solve it since ive imported it and it would be very expensive and time consuming for me to ship it back. I'm hoping it just needs a calibration with the software Gui, but honestly i dont even know where to start since its my first contact with a gimbal.


    Thank You!

  • Hi,

    Did you ever find a solution to this problem? I have a h2-45 and it won't connect to simple bgc and it also won't calibrate - the YouTube video you posted didn't load, but it sounds like a similar problem. PILOTFLY has been incredibly unhelpful and I'm desperate for a solution. Did you ever figure it out?