Pitch axis wobbling
  • Hello all,

    I am sort of a newbie on this gimbal community yet spent quite some time on tutorials and videos about how to seting up gimbal in terms of PID.

    I have 2 axis 8 bit bgc 2.2 board and it came with its default settings on it. as you can see from the video I made a 3d printed gimbal for a ethernet camera that i purchased from aliexpress.

    Roll seems with no issues at all but pitch i cannot figure out how to get rid of this wobbling or oscilation. I redo the calibrations, played with the power p and d. nothing worked.

    I am hoping the gurus here will spot the problem and say oh man you should do .... :)

    Video of the problem is;

    I am using 240 KV small motors (14 poles) on both pitch and roll.

    The parameters are:


    Power 85
    P: 20
    I: 0.2
    D: 10


    Power 50
    P: 25
    I: 0.2
    D: 10

    Thanks for the help.

  • I guess the video link didn't copy.