Does a new board from the Store come with firmware installed?
  • Just got a board from the Store and can't connect to it. When I plug in the usb it tries to use a com port created for another BGC (version 1) board I already use. Using a different usb port dosen't help. As soon as I plug in the board I get a solid red led light? Is that normal.?
  • Hello.

    It looks not normal. Board should connect to the GUI without problems. The COM-port number may match with the other boards, it is normal. Both red and green LED should light (green may blink).

    Does the board have a serial number sticker on it?

    I think it sould be asked online store to replace board for you.

    Regards, Aleksey.
  • Hello,
    Thanks for the reply - Serial number R0635 - just a solid red led. Tried 5 different computers now still can't connect. I have 2x Storm32 and 1x BaseCam controllers that I have no problem connecting with.
    It was sent from Riga on the 20 August. Let me know if I can send it back. I contacted support 3 days ago but haven't heard back.
  • Problem solved - remove any jumpers that are on the board.