Roll, Yaw Axis drift, Nebula slant 5100
  • Hello, I still have a problem with tilting the Roll axis during work. After a minute or two the axis of the roll begins to slowly deflect by about 15 degrees. When I bring it back to the level, it turns away in the opposite direction. IMU calibrated, the controller is newly programmed and nothing has changed. only it seems to me that the effect is lower when the IMU is placed just below the mechanical axis of the PITCH rotation. there is also the second problem which can be seen in the film. After tilting in the ROLL axis, when I stop tilting, the YAW axis continues to make a small movement. In the final stage of tilting, the gimbal loses the stabilization point. Can you help?

  • Video is not visible here. Can you post a link to the video?
  • Link video: https:// youtu.be / Z6Pu5kH17f4 (delete space)