Single Motor, continuous rotation, trigger state angles
  • Hi, I am thinking if I can use SimpleBGC to control laser scanner rotation.
    The mechanical setup of iPower motors with slip ring in the shaft would solve the mechanical problem.
    What I would like to achieve :
    1) Single motor operation in continuous constant velocity rotation.
    2) Precision Encoders on the motor
    3) Read the angles on the trigger

    Now I went trough the manuals, API docs and forum but still have some remaining questions.
    Q1: Can I control single motor only or 3 motors are mandatory?
    Q2: Normally IMU are used for feedback and encoders may improve the performance (this is my understanding). Do I need IMU or encoders are sufficient to operate SimpleBGC?
    Q3: Getting the data out of SimpleBGC. I saw command to get the state data on request: CMD_GET_ANGLES or turn the real time streaming CMD_REALTIME_DATA but for my application I need to know precise position at trigger time. I saw trigger slots functionality can be mapped to menu actions but do not see anything suitable. Is it possible?

  • it is possible! 2 axis are minimum requirements for a gimbal! using Yaw or Roll as a turn table but the IMU placement with strictly one motor you need to figure out! start on a 2 axis gimbal much easier to modify!