Can you support DJI A3 Can bus protocol control
  • Hi guys,

    Can you please support DJI A3 Can bus protocol control

    Thank you,

  • Hello!

    What functionality need to be supported? AFAIK, DJI CAN bus protocol is not documented and not intended for connecting external devices from other vendors, only used for DJI accessories or drone parts.
  • Hi Alexmos

    We hope to control pitch and yaw.

  • I think that DJI will not provide a support for other gimbals rathen then their own. Even if we "hack" protocol, we can only read telemetry data and get some useful information from there, but I think we can not emulate a "DJI gimbal" to make A3 to send control comands to it.

    PS: They provide the Onboard SDK but there are no gimbal control functionality.
  • OK , Tks.