noob questions! help for build my own
  • hello all!

    im a multicopter videomaker, and im using a simple 3axis gimbal for action cam like gopro, i would like to use something to make my mirrorless and dslr fly for some aereal shots!

    the easyer way is to build a plug and play gimbal but i would like to biuld my own, choosing the components by myself! im a drone builder expert, but not yet in gimbal hardware!

    so i need some basic information, for example, how to choose motors for the 3 axis? witch feature i have to check?

    i think i will use a 32bit alexmos controller with double imu, but i have to buy the frame and the 3 motors!

    my idea is to make fly a 500gr camera(or lower) so the gimbal need to be no too mutch heavy!
  • thx for the link, its looks like a good kit!

    i found a similar kit with GBM2804H-100T, what is the differenze with GBM2804H-120T? what 100T/120T means?
  • small go pro size motors , T stands for turns, so the value refers to resistance of the motor.
  • A lot of people trying to make it on their own. hard task.
    Try and find something cheap around $130 as you can see here
    good luck shooting
  • just for share my experience.

    Reading here and somewhere else over the internet, i learn the know how to build a very stable gimbal, with basecam 32bit and 3x4108.
    Super stable videos, under my quadcopter! very happy! thei i build with the help of my 3d printer, and some carbon pipe a triple handle support, so i can unplug the gimbal from my drone, and mount under the hand support in 5 minutes!

    Now im building a 1 hand gimbal for a 800gr reflex using Ipower 5208H 180T with slipring circuits.

    Contact me if you want some infos!