BaseCam activity?
  • I am having a really hard time finding any information about these 32 bit boards that is less than a year old. Most of the discussions are two to three years old.

    Has everyone moved to DJI or similar? Isn't anyone building and tuning their own boards anymore? Where should I go to find information about using the 32 bit board? This forum is a nice start but most of the questions are left unanswered.

    I'd like to upgrade my old 8-bit board but am afraid I might be spending money on a dead end if I run into computer or tuning problems.

    Is there anywhere to find information, setup videos, reviews... for these products beyond this website?

    Thank you,

  • Hobby's mini quad market has no use for gimbals you will not find information other than in the manual! professionals still user the BGC technology.
  • 'professionals still user the BGC technology.'

    That's what I figure... but don't professionals talk about it somewhere?

  • No! if we did we could not make any money from supporting the product!
  • DLee What questions you got? I'm definitely doing DIY and very successfully doing it. www.risenaerials.com

    I'll do whatever I can to help you keep going. All the large aerial gimbals are too heavy or expensive. The Ronin MX is probably the closest affordable and light out there. I liked DIY because I'm able to tune better, and better flexibility. The software developers are still making improvements and it shows.
  • The manual is the most detailed document I've ever seen, consumer wise, and professionally in the television industry as an engineer. The manual has almost everything you need to know. The only thing I miss, is there is a gimbal cage called the WASP that I bought. It was a guy doing an independant thing. Only made about 100 of them, 2 of which I got. They were $250 compared to the CF/Fiberglass stuff coming from China that was $350. Its a really really really solid gimbal cage. When you are carrying $50,000 cameras you don't mess around. He no longer makes because the DIY of larger gimbals isn't a thing much anymore.

    Everyone is ok with Phantoms and Inspires, but my setup lets me carry any camera and lens and its really paying off because the images look so much better. I'm DIY until the parts are just all gone.