Accelerometer Jump
  • Hello,

    I am seeing an issue where my accelerometer value in 1 axis only(x-axis on standard set up Pitch Roll Yaw gimbal) will drift to a large offset (Usually ~20 degrees in roll) over a period of a few second. The new set point will stay there until a reset in board and motor/imu power. I am using Firmware Version 2.63 b0 but it doesn't seem to matter if I switch to a different release. Has anyone seen this?

  • Hello,
    I confused that you are saying about the accelerometer. Do you see that the ACC_X value drifts in the monitoring when motors are OFF, or you mean something else?
    I advise to re-calibrate gyroscope. It looks like uncalibrated gyro offset. If not help, look in the "Monitoring" for raw sensor values with the motor turned OFF, how they evolve in time after system has started.

    Regards, Aleksey
  • Thanks for responding, Aleksey.
    It only happens with motors on. When motors hit a hard stop/skip a step the ACC_X value will quickly drift to where it reads zero at a position that is about 20 degrees from neutral. It only drifts once and stays at the new value. Usually if disconnected from external motor power and usb disconnected, it returns to the neutral position/ACC_X reading when restarting.