• I'm so sick of absent customer service from all corners of the globe, electronics and jargon that I don't understand, or minimal support in english that is broken because they're not even supposed to be talking to me...

    I'm months into this gimbal not working and I am fed up... I WILL PAY YOU TO FIX THIS SHIT, or even if I have to ship it to you...

    All I wanted to do was update my gimbal because it's "roll" was tilted about 5* . The update froze and through a series of poorly guided attempts and other bs, the board was basically bricked. I have recovered from the basecam recovery file, but I have ungodly errors and zero I/O to or from the motors. The IMU seems to be reporting sensor level, because the gauges move when I move it with my hand.

    for a little more frustrated and in depth info please see this thread: (I also have scores of screenshots and can forward you all of my emails with the gimbal manufacturer, the board manufacturer, and the board distributor's tech support.)


    Call or text me at 336-eight two five-6540, email me directly at nick.andreahalsey@gmail.com

    Thank you
  • SOLVED, firmware issue
  • 336. Not too far away. Glad you figured it out. The alexmos software is excellent and extremely flexible.