Problem connecting the Nebula 5100 Slant
  • Hi,

    I hope you guys can help me with a problem. I've a Nebula 5100 Slant and the gimbal is spinning when I turn it on. I've balanced the camera in the way they show on YouTube but I think there is something wrong with the gimbal. I want to connect to gimbal with my Mac (High Sierra) but when I download the drivers (VCP driver) it doesn't work. When I open the SimpleBGC_GUI_2_63b0 it won't show up in the connection list. I have also tried it on Windows 10 but after installing the driver it won't show the device in the connection list. Is there any way to fix this? Or is there a way to reset the gimbal to factory settings without connecting the gimbal to a Mac or PC.

    I hope the is a solution because I can't use the gimbal anymore :(


  • Hello,
    You need to make a lock file connection on MAC:
    MAC OS users: GUI uses a serial communication, that needs to create a lock file.
    To allow it, you should to do the following steps:
    1. Start terminal (navigate to /Applications/Utilities and double click on Terminal)
    2. Make folder "/var/lock" by command: sudo mkdir /var/lock
    3. Change permissions by command: sudo chmod 777 /var/lock
    4. Allow to run non-signed applications in System Preferences > Security & Privacy >
    General > Allow Applications downloaded from: Anywhere (see http://d.pr/i/9fAm )
    And then, you will see port "tty.SLAB.USBtoUART" in the GUI.

    Read more about connection here: https://www.basecamelectronics.com/files/v3/SimpleBGC_32bit_manual_2_6x_eng.pdf
  • Hello,
    "I've a Nebula 5100 Slant and the gimbal is spinning when I turn it on."
    - Please, make a short video with your problem, upload it to YouTube and place link here.
    Thank you.
  • Hi Andrew,

    Thank you for your reaction. I did al the instructions but unfortunately it won't work. I installed the driver (SiLabsUSBDriverDisk) and make a "lock" folder with the right permissions (777) according to the instructions. Installed Java and launched the program but I don't see the USB driver in the connection list :(.

    I filmed my screen so you can see what I did and make a movie from the gimbal spinning around when turning on.

    Screen recording: https://youtu.be/LuRPCYY0NZk

    Problem with gimbal: https://youtu.be/_KZlHl39yfw

    I hope you can help me because the gimbal is now useless :(

    Kind regards,

    Vincent Smit
  • Is it possible to login remotely with teamviewer on my MacBook?
  • Any support guys???
  • Vincent, why would not you contact Nebula producer or seller? They should have required info for you.
  • Hello Vincentsmit,

    Try the following:
    1) Connect gimbal to the MAC
    2) Run this command in Terminal:
    sudo kextload -b com.silabs.driver.CP210xVCPDriver
    3) And try to connect gimbal to the GUI.

    But if this solution won't help you, contact with your seller for question.
  • Unfortunately it won't work Andrew, very strange :-(

    Thnx for your help.