Can't calibrate my Tiny SimpleBGC controller
  • Hi,

    Just got the Tiny SimpleBGC controller. I fire up the GUI app and it says accelerometer not calibrated and I need to click on "CALIB_ACC". I can't find this button anywhere. Then after some searching, it seems like I can access it under Hardware -> Calibrate IMU sensors.

    I have no idea what the calibration steps and after searching some Youtube videos I think I have it. However, I don't see any changes in the accelerometer readings. Under "Analyze" the ACC_X, ACC_Y, ACC_Z don't change much at all as I move the IMU around. Could someone please let me know what I'm doing wrong?
  • I was thinking about getting this controller myself. But there is so little information on any of this that I'm hesitant to buy anything new. So I keep battling my old 8 bit board. But I would really like to upgrade without huge hassles.

    I looked at the latest 32 bit GUI, V2.63b0, and I think your assessment of using Calibrate IMU sensors is correct.

    I don't see the "Analyze" section, where is that?

    Is the gimbal working? In the stabilization tab have you run the AUTO program to get the ball rolling? Without any numbers in the PID Controller, nothing will happen.

    Please let me know how this is working out for you. Which gimbal, camera, platform are you using?


  • The other thing I highly recommend is reading the manual very carefully. There is a lot of info in there which has helped me in the past.