Gimbal slow moment to reach at home position only at startup
  • Hello,

    I am using firmware 2.63b4 in my gimbal controller. I have managed to calibrate IMU's properly. On gimbal startup condition, my gimbal moves very slowly to home position. But this is the case only on start up condition. After settling on home position, if i am disturbing my gimbal manually, then it will suddenly regain home position. I don't want to wait on power on condition to let my gimbal move very slowly toward home position. How can i achieve fast home position.
  • Correction: Firmware version 2.63b0
  • Just out of curiosity, what are your I settings in the PID section of the stabilization tab?

  • Roll : PID: 17 0.18 16
    Pitch : PID : 18 0.15 15
    Yaw : PID : 10 0.15 6 (Ignore, i am not using yaw)

    Gain muli = 1 for all axis
    Outer P = 50 for all axis