Message "motor is missing steps" what does it mean?
  • Good day.

    1. I have just upgraded my GUI 2-42-B6 and I have a problem.
    the problem is I have a message " Motor is missing steps" in red
    please help me what does it mean?

    2. In my GUI I always can see "Cycle time: 801" I2C errors: 0 in white, is it normal?

    3. and please I can not tune PID my gimbal 32bit, Canon 7D + 16-35, my motors all are DYS BGM 5208-200, Battery is 3s
    It seems to me there is not enough power for my motors.
    Maybe I have to buy battery 4S or 5S or 6S?
    If it is YES, How can I understand what I have to change my battery.

    4. When I move my PITH or ROLL or YAW I have my green light always starts blinking and only in a moment changes to the light is not blinking?
    Is It normal? Maybe if is my gimbal is tune right, if I move my any axis the green light has to be always green and is not blinking?

    many thanks in advance

    With bets regards

  • having the same issue. I get the motor is missing steps error and now my gimbal is shaking like crazy. The shaking happens every time I upgrade firmware.
  • i have the same problem the gimbal is shaking like crazy, i need help please.
    the version is 2.42b6 and the motors as gbm5208-150t
    and the acelerometer is not calibrated
  • I have same problem with my new 32-bis card and 5208 on YAW, Pitch and roll working fine with 4008. When i rotate YAW with RC commands it's stop and shaking after 20-30 deg (I thing every time it's pass one poles.) And in GUI is "motor is missing steps"
  • I do not think that the motor is missing steps but rather skipping them ;-)

    I would not worry too much of it, the GUI is now just giving an indication of an problem that was previously not indicated. (and you can get this error if you accidentally move the camera by hand etc.)

    But of course it would be good to correct the problem. If for exactable " Motor is missing steps" is indicated after RC command, then probably RC speed or acceleration was too high, or Power/PID too weak. The motor does just not have the power to stop the movement as fast as commanded.

    ""Cycle time: 801" I2C errors: 0 in white, is it normal?" That is exactly as it should be, so that is normal.
  • The power is not the problem, if I run Auto Motor Config, it missing to sens YAW. The YAW motor jump wrong and shaking. The problem also comming if i turn wery slow. I have never see the problem befor, I have tune 20-30 Alexmos gimbal with 8 bits cards, and some with 32 bits and older software.
  • The 2.42 is as far as I can tell similar to 2.41 on tuning, but 2.41 is very much different than any previous FW, so you need to forget the PID values you have had with any previous FW. The tuning though is quite the same, just that values are much different.

    Though I have a feeling that the new firmwares command the motors more aggressively than the 8 bit board did. The motor steps can be felt more easily when the camera is disturbed from its position. Some of the older FW on 8 bit felt much smoother and I liked that, though that was maybe with the expense of the accuracy, maybe I am just imagining this.

    About the Auto motor config, from the users manual:

    "To determine the correct direction, set the P, I, and D values to 0 and the POWER values to 80 (or higher if your motors don’t produce enough force to hold/move the camera). Level the camera tray horizontally and click the AUTO button in the "Motor configuration" settings. "

    So Power and PID settings probably will affect this functionality. (I have newer set the PID to 0 though when doing this)
  • Not to intrude here but I did find out the a solution this problem, I toke the motor of the brackets and rotated it/or flip it over. I also used smaller screw the go into the casing of the motor. Maybe the length of the screw where cause some sort of problem.
  • The previous post was 2014, kind of have forgotten...

    what is the problem you have?
  • I had also same problem and then changed my baud rate from 9600 to 256000. Now it doesn't miss any steps and working well.
  • I don't think the two are related. I always understood missing steps to be the motor slipping from one magnet to the next without the controller board directing it to do so.