HELP Lost factoty settings Nebula 5100 slant HELP ! ! !
  • Hello
    I have just erased the EEPROM of my Nebula 5100 slant and lost every factory settings, now my brand new gimbal don't works anymore. Can you explain me how to get back all the factory settings? Maybe you can send me the backup file? Is a file made with SimpleBGC with the extension ".data".
    HELP ME !
    Thank you
  • I solved the problem. FilmPower help send me the files and via skype and Teamviewer they bring my gimbal settings as origin. Just the level of the battery remain to set.
  • hey im in a similar situation can you share those files? when i get my gimbal back online i want to snapshot all settings for backup and to share with others who might end up in the same situation thanks!
  • I can share the files, no problem, but you have to know that is not enough, After charged the profiles, the custom service of FilmPower do a lot of calibrations on my gimbal, I advise you to contact the help service of FilmPower: yolanda@filmpower.com
    Do you have the same Gimbal? I have the Nebula 5100 Slant.
  • yes i have the same gimbal, thanks for the info
  • thanks so much!! you responded way quicker than support lol
  • Dude i had to threaten them with blowing them up on all social media before they made time to work with me online. They gave me the run around for about a week. I go on tonight if it dont go right i will blow them up on social media for giving me horrible customer service smh but thanks for attempting to help me
  • Hi. Is strange what you are saying. Maybe I was more lucky, but they help me fast. I have exanged with them some emails and we solved the problem with a skype connection and they manage my gimbal with Teamviewer. If I remember the all was solved in more or less 1 week
  • they got it fixed last night in less than an hour now they want me to give them 5 star review and they'll send me a free battery and legs to replace the defective one i have after 2days one of the tripod legs wont stay stiff when you pick it up it flops. They should send that no matter what thats defective smh
  • Good for you, dude.
    One battery more is more comfortable and a new tripod is luxury ! :D
  • Thanks a million... I had screwed up and these are gold for restoring... I may yet need to contact Film Power, but your information has tranquilised a huge headache
  • Hello I wanted to know if the factory settings only equal for Nebula 5100 and Nebula 5100 slant, please help me.
  • I think it isn't.
    Contact them.
  • Yes, you can use the same files, and I suggest to see this video https://youtu.be/ha6-GQTXRN8
    It shows you every step to follow.