• Howdy,

    I have been trying to get an infrared shutter trigger to work going through the V3 32bit board, but the board does not seem to be operating as per the manual.

    My board is from BeeWorks and I have 2.42b6 installed.

    I am using Sum-PPM with a FrSky D4R-II 4ch Rcvr (makes it an 8 channel rcvr).

    The Gimbal is controlled with Virtual channels 2,3,4 and I am trying to get FC_ROLL or FC_PITCH to work on virtual channel 1 or 5 for the shutter release.

    Both 1 and 5 show up as functioning on the GUI monitoring page but do not seem to pass any signal.

    The infrared controller works connected directly to a receiver during bench testing, but once it is hooked to one of the FC_ controls on the Alexmos board, nothing happens. This is the same for an actual servo plugged in as well.

    The manual explains that it is possible to use the FC_ pins to control a servo, but I'll be damned if I can get them to do anything...

    ....what am I doing wrong?

    Anyone else have any luck hooking up a shutter release through the Alexmos board? Or anything other than the gimbal motors?

  • I have not tried it yet, but I do not think FC_ROLL or PITCH could be assigned as output?

    If you scroll down on the RC tab there is 4 outputs. Those should be used to assign the virtual channes to the AUX outputs on board (if your board have the AUX outputs, I am not sure all 32 bit boards have.)
  • Thanks for the reply Garug!

    Yeah, I am actually not sure either, and I can't get it to work, so I am inclined to agree with you.

    However, below is the manual entry I was referring to, which is not so clear to me, does that mean the FC_Roll and Pitch are input/output pins as well as RC_ Pitch and AUX1?

    ...I'm confused (not an infrequent situation).

    My Beeworks board does have AUX 1,2,3, but I am not sure where to assign them, ever play with those?

    Here is what the manual says:

    PWM Output – allows to pass any of virtual channel, decoded from serial input signal, to
    special pins that can output PWM signal. On the SimpleBGC 3.0 boards, these pins can share
    PWM output function with other functions:
    Servo1 – FC_ROLL
    Servo2 – FC_PITCH
    Servo3 – RC_PITCH
    Servo4 – AUX1
    To enable servo output on any of these pins, make sure that its not specified as RC input in the
    This feature may be useful if you connect RC receiver by single wire, and want to decode signal
    to the separate PWM channels.
    When connecting regular hobby servo to these ports, there are two options where to get +5V to
    supply them:
    ◦ Connect external power (for example from +5V BEC) to the central pin of any of RC inputs.
    and cut (de-solder) jumper J1 that passes 5V from internal voltage regulator to them.
    WARNING: two power sources joined together, may burn each other, because switching DC
    converter is used to provide 5V supply for the board, and it may conflict with the external
    power source.
    ◦ Close (solder) jumper J1 and get +5V from internal voltage regulator.
    WARNING: before connecting servos, check their total maximum current rating, and
    compare it with the current rating that board can provide on the 5V line (you can find it in the
    hardware specifications of the board, for regular “Basecam SimpleBGC 32bit” version it is
  • Hello. I've been using "Servo2" which is also labeled "FC_PITCH" forever. I've seen the same thing. I can assign my camera trigger Virt_Ch 2, 3, or 4 and everything just works. Right this second, I cannot get 1 or 5 to work. At all.

    Whats weird is I have used channel 1, or "throttle" on a normal rc controller. I used to and something changed. The "monitor" on the JR radio shows throttle going up and down so its outputting. I haven't updated software either. It just doesn't work
  • I need to add. My DX6i will work with channel 1 and 5, but the JR doesn't. I'll have to figure what the difference is.
  • One more final addition.

    I found that Virt_Ch17 would produce PWM for what is normally the throttle stick on a standard mode 2 transmitter. Not Virt_Ch1 like it is on my DX6i.