Problems with encoders paid version
  • Hey,
    I am using firmware 2.56b9 ENCODERS, and I cant get Roll axis calibrated.
    Camera is perfect static balanced, I start with calbirate Pitch axis only, everything goes well.
    After calibrating Pitch I enable Roll and start auto tuning it without any succes.
    I downloaded the same firmware without encoders (2.56b9), and calibrated Roll without any problem!
    furthermore, I copied the same PID parameters to the encoders version and Roll shakes like a maniac! with same data!
    how can it be?

    encoders were disabled during all these test.
    I tried the newest Firmware, It doesnt work either.

    Please help me,
  • Sounds like basic setup is not correctly performed.

    After the basic setup is ok, auto tune all axis at once.