Stabilization accuracy for use with zoom cameras
  • Hi all,
    I would like to understand how close or far away are the alexmos controller compared with stabilization systems found on surveillance gimbals. Some of this systems have a stabilization accuracy value in their specifications table. They used to give this value in µrad:

    Ascentvision CM160
    Position Accuracy: 0.011° or 190µrad
    Slew Rate: 65°/s or 1.13rad/s
    UavVision CM202
    Position Accuracy 0.0046° (80 µrad)
    Slew Rate 150°/sec (2.6 Rad/s)
    Arrow 600 EO/IR Gimbal
    < 40 µrad Pointing Stability
    20 µrad Pointing Accuracy
    Continuous pan / +70° to -90° Tilt
    160 deg/sec Max Slew Rate
    Stabilization: <150 µrad<br />Slew rate: 120 deg/sec
    Merio Temis
    Stabilization < 150 µrad

    What values can be obtained by a well-tuned alexmos board?

    Best regards
  • This was long time ago, FW 2.59b4,

    first 6900 mm, then 690 mm and walking, after 6900 mm 690 mm feels vide :)

  • Hello Garug,

    focal distance 6900mm (35mm) --> FOV = 0,23º
    Probably a stabilization accuracy of about 50µrad

    Very interesting test!
    What lens and what camera did you use?

  • GH4 4k i.e 2.3 crop, very old canon FD 300 mm lens. The 6900 mm was 10X in camera with external recorder.

    See the 10. Big lens on small gimbal http://www.levitezer.com/blog/files/961caec8b987076efd2f7ec37ca6bea0-27.html
    This is non encoder gimbal, but it should not affect the accuracy.

    It was all handheld. The new IMU should be even more accurate.

    Note, some of the vibrations are actually air.