IMU Compass slow clockwise infinite drift! (both IMU, no matter if pitch or yaw)
  • Hi,

    I got trouble since weeks with my new Basecam32 Gimbal. It has 1 IMU under the Camera and another frame IMU above YAW.
    All cables go through the Motor holes
    Here is the issue and tryouts:

    The small Arrow for the Compass is constantly starting to drift, barely noticable. That way I can only use the Gimbal without Follow mode and use Joystick. I want to use follow mode, but as long the compass keeps moving, the follow dot will give the Gimbal a spin.

    Old Issues: Serial Data Corrupted finally stopped with various USB cable switches and no idea why. Motors are configured for a light Nikon P610 camera as best I was fit. The gimbal is powered 3S with around 11V and is well balanced and funtioning when follow mode is off.
    (only extreme angles diagonal flipped the motors cant hold it steady... I cant find any calibration tips for those angles)

    Troubleshoot exclusion trys so far:
    *iron ring with Frame IMU 3 turns, same ring Cam IMU straight through. Before also put 2 motor wires through it. No effects whatsoever.
    *disconnecting motors, or gimbal only USB powered or only battery powered without USB any constellation does not change the compass spin.
    *recalibrated both IMU
    *connecting only 1 IMU, disabled frame IMU
    *switching IMU positions to exclude cable error (as long any IMU is connected anywhere compass drifts, with motors off)
    *motors switched on dont influence on the drift speed
    *moving away from the computer does not change the compass direction (always clockwise)
    *drift seems to build up when Gimbal is independent full on in follow mode, joystick position correction does not stop the spin
    *problem appeared before joystick install already, disconnecting or calibrating joystick has no effect
    *firmware is and was 2.60 b4 on GUI and Gimbal

    Since I can't attach a screenshot, the Compass that drifts in this problem I identify as follow:

    The white numbers on all circles count in steps of -0.02 -0.04 -0.06 and so on, when gimbal is steady on floor, motors off, just USB.
    Sometimes they stop and keep stable after a minute.

    It feels i have an error ghost in there and I need some tips or a solution what else I can do to make the follow mode work.

    (Sidenote - the YAW IMU cable is enlarged a bit in the middle with a USB wire, since it was only 15cm before.)

    I really searched a lot and spent many many days trying to figure this out before I am so desperate to ask my specific case. I'm on the end of my wisdom.

    Thanks for any help!!
  • Nobody any clue if something is broken or what's the problem?
  • You need to calibrate the IMU. disable calibration at startup and perform gyro temperature calibration.