• Is it possible to do a firmware update via wifi using the mac GUI?

    GUI is woking excellent in wifi mode, but I get error message while updating the firmware.
  • Hello,
    We did not try this, but in theory it is possible if you will make changes to the WiFi module: to communicate with the bootloader, it is required set UART parameter "Parity" to "Even". It should work with the controller, too, because we have auto-detection of parity there. Give it to try.
  • Hi Alex,

    thank you very much for reply.
    Sounds logical.
    I'm not sure how I can change the UART parameter?
    Is it possible to change them via the config page?
  • Hello,
    We checked WiFi module settings but there is no parameters that relate to UART port. Console settings that you found do not affect normal function of UART port. May be there is a way set UART port parameters via config file flashed into module, but we did not tested it.
  • Hi Alex,

    Thanks for reply!

    It would be great if you find a solution for us!!

    And please add a note in the shop, that it is not possible to upgrade the firmware with the wifi module (at the moment).
  • Any news on the firmware update over wifi?