GoPro gimbal for full-scale aircraft?
  • I’m looking for a gyro stabilized gimbal for a project I want to build. I want to mount the gimbal on the outside of my experimental airplane (Zenith CH701) and use my GoPro Hero 3. I want to be able to point the gimbal in pitch and yaw using RC type PWM signals from a microcontroller. I want to be able to configure the gimbal to stabilize on a particular pitch, roll, and/or yaw (configure gambol before flight with PC software expected). I plan to control its direction (and slew) with a homemade pointing device in the cockpit. The gimbal needs to be able to hold its orientation when the aircraft is going about 100 MPH; survive a speed to about 130 MPH. My budget is about $600 for the gimbal. Does anyone know of a make/model of gimbal and controller that might do this?
  • Short answers is non. put your hand out of the car window at 100 MPH and you understand why. It needs to be aerodynamically designed and that kind of gimbals are not available 600 USD.

    The Hero Session would be better starting point for this kind of system as it is smaller.

  • Thanks for the feedback. I was thinking I might have to shield it from the wind. Would the "DJI Zenmuse H3-3D 3 Axis Camera Gimbal" be a good unit to try this?
  • Maybe Something like this:http://camera-gimbal-test.de/
  • Comment deleted, I didn't notice op was from 2017.