Gimbal is going crazy. Motor is missing steps / Serial data corrupted. Alexmos 32 bit error
  • When I turn gimbal and only after 10 seconds I see in GUI turn.
    A very long delay.

    Firmware: 2.60 b4

    Monitoring tab:

    I upload firmware 2.56 b9 from GUI. It did not help.

    Auto PID work crazy and doesn't solve the problem.

    Photo my AlexMos 32 bit Controller:

    and IMU:

    My Alexmos controller are broken or it's need tuning?
  • You need to perform the complete setup.
  • Which one? I calibrated 2 IMU each in 6 positions.
  • When I turn gimbal and only after 10 seconds I see in GUI turn. A very long delay. But it must be instantaneous! I see in videos that it instantaneous. Is not it?
    I'm starting to think that he's just broken.
  • You need to do the complete setup, balancing first, basic setup etc. see the users manual. Do not perform IMU calibration at startup and the gimbal will start faster. The GUI will take some seconds to connect, so what?

    Not likely broken, just basic setup missing.
  • I tried to configure, but too many errors and too long delay info from sensors.
    It's simply defective.
    For Example: errors in recording sensor configuration, my last video:

  • >"The GUI will take some seconds to connect, so what?"
    NOT this. I said delay from sensors to GUI
  • The video is just too difficult to follow. What are you trying to do, what is wrong?

    Of course the gimbal will not work, no camera installed, it is not balanced.
  • Where are you that camera not installed? On all my videos and photos camera installed and balanced.
    1) I set NUM.POLES 22.
    2) Calibrated 2 IMU each in 6 positions and gyroscope.
    3) Motor power ROLL, PICTH, YAW 30
    4) PID 5-0-5 and after 2-0.5-1
    After this I tap WRITE. I think it's writed, because shaking now is smaller.
    5) I trying to configure sensors. But only frame IMU has available to press NEXT button.
    After turn to 90 degrees gimbal - I press WRITE ans see this errors:
    And after this "camera IMU" NEXT button still unavailable and in the down of GUI I see message:
    Serial data corrupted:
    I trying many times to configure sensors, always errors
  • The frame sensor needs to be activated first, but better make the gimbal work firs just with the camera IMU.

    Is your GUI and FW version the same?

    Are those motors by specification 22 poles. Did you perform motor auto to get the inverted status correct first.

    30 feels like low power, what is the voltage?

    Your PID is all to low, but at this point it is not important. after you have everything else working perform auto tuning.

    You have I2C errors and serial connection problems you need to fix that first.

    You must perform the tuning on correct order. see the users manual.

    Make sure you are using a good quality USB cable. If problems persist save your settings and reset EEPROM.

  • I activated frame IMU and I tried to start without frame IMU - only with camera IMU - nothing changed.
    GUI and FW same.
    My motors 22 poles.
    If I start AUTO to configure motors then alexmos controller start beeping 3 minutes and gimbal sometimes don't moving and sometimes shaking as usually.
    After 3 minutes when AUTO setup is compelte it's start shaking as before.

    Sometimes AUTO setup motors set wrong NUM.POLES
    Sometimes my manual settings like 22-22-22 not change.

    When I start AUTO setup motors and writing I didn't see I2C errors.

    > "reset EEPROM."
    I install 2.56 b9 Firmware and it doesn't help. After I return to 2.60 b4

    My batteries 3s and 4s. No difference

  • Well, have you performed the complete basic setup carefully and as per the instructions? that is the number one problem people have, makin some shortcuts performing it. It will not work. especially when you are doing it at the first time, it is really necessary to perform the complete setup details as instructed and not to expect the gimbal to work until it is fully performed.

    Have you set the motor power as instructed? your power looks very low and totally wrong number of poles also suggest it is too low. When raising it just make sure the motors will not get hot.

    Have you ensured the gimbal is mechanically ok? everything moving freely and correctly balanced. There is no reason to try to do anything with unbalanced gimbal, it will not work.

    If you press the motors off on GUI and move the camera by hand, do the indicators on right side of the GUI move logically? They should.

    Are you sure your motors are correctly connected and assigned, if not that would cause problems.

    It is possible that something is broken, but based what I have seen so far, I suspect it is just the basic setup and tuning.
  • The serial data problems above though are real and those you need to fix. Try short good quality USB cable. See that your IMU cables are not necessary long and that they are routed separate from motor vires and power the system from a battery (i.e. not power suply)
  • I read the official instruction.
    More power to motor do not solve the problem.
    Everything moving freely and correctly balanced, yes.

    >"If you press the motors off on GUI and move the camera by hand, do the indicators on right side of the GUI move logically? They should."
    They move, but with delay about 5-10 seconds

    >"Are you sure your motors are correctly connected and assigned."
    As far as I know it does not matter how to solder these 3 wires from the motor to the controller.
    In the GUI i tried all combination inverted/not inverted

    I tried separately to lay cables to the motor and IMU. It did not help.
  • Now I ordered one more Alesmos 32 bit controller and Evvgc
  • With motor connections I meant Pitch is connected to pitch and assigned correctly on GUI. Some boards had labelling problems on this so see carefully the wiring diagrams.

    There must be no delay on the indicators and it is very strange is you have. Reinstall the drivers and ensure good USB cable. The board does not store the information for 5- to 10 seconds, so the delay is on the computer. Try different computer if the problem remains.

    I seriously doubt though that the computer can cause that long delay either, so it is very strange.
  • watching your video, the i2C indicator is constantly red. That is what you need to fix. Connect camera imu only and preferably shortest the enormously long Imu cables. do those IMUs belong to that board? See the IMU data on the real time tab. it must react logically.

    I do not think you have a delay on IMU data, just bad IMU data.
  • I2C indicator on the IMU or on the alexmos controller?
    I see on IMU only 1 led.
    And alexmos controller has 1 green and 1 red
  • I unplugged the wire from the second IMU and reconfigured camera IMU with short wire. It did not help.

    I became a GUI on the second computer - there is the same delay

    I bought Alexmos controller + 2 IMU in the set. So I believe that they belong to this board.
  • The wire is ok. I test it.
  • I set up. It is working =) Thank you, Garug, for not letting me surrender))
    I replace IMU and gimbal is work, maybe first IMU damaged or it was important physically to use this one as a "Camera IMU"

    But before that, when I used both of them, I looked at the GUI and "Camera IMU" was a camera and the "Frame IMU" was frame. So before I did not mixed up them.

    Also I better balance PITCH, maybe it also help.

    Sometimes after start controller very slowly turn randomly.
    And one more problem: if strongly touch the frame it is start shaking.
    I will try tomorrow better configure and calibration and will try with second IMU, now I go sleep ))
  • If there is two IMUs on the system they need to have a different address, see the ADDR jumper on the picture. Is it closed on the other IMU. It should be.
  • I am new, I don''t complete basic setup .I do not know how to place the frame sensor. My gamble is three axis,when it is static state that can not be balanced. Sorry ,I don't know how to upload pictures.
  • At some point we where all new to the gimbals. How I started was reading the users manual, it was not very great at that time, but now it is pretty good.
  • Thank you for your reply and encouragement,I found that the previous user manual and firmware version did not match . I will read it carefully. Thank you very much .