Sensor IMU issue
  • So, I have not used my gimbal for a few weeks and decided the other day to it on and tinker. To my horror I have discovered that my sensor / IMU's are no longer recognised by the main board. The software gives me the error "sensor not connected".

    Despite the whole kit being safely tucked away in a flight case, I decided to swap out the cables to see if this was an issue, but no joy. I then replaced the IMU's themselves and still no luck. Its as the board has stopped recognising the sensors.

    Has anyone come across this themselves and is there any possible fix/troubleshooting I could try.

    The software recognises the board fine, and even lets me write parameters perfectly fine.

    This is an RC Timer SimpleBCG 32bit board. I've used them several times without fail and bought them long before Basecam began selling from their own site.

    Any ideas would be great otherwise it might be time to purchase a new board and IMU's from here.

  • Yes, I've seen some failures like this lately. Using the same IMUs on a different board got good IMU data. Same board with different IMUs got no IMU data. Had to replace the board. Maybe a failure of the I2C bus or port on the board?
  • P.S. Once in a while, a sensor not connected error can be fixed by simply re-seating the plastic connectors that carry the signal.