Where do I find the information on how to setup S-BUS of my 32bit Basecam Board to a DJI A2
  • I don't know how to setup SimpleBGC GUI to use the S-BUS feature of my 32bit board connecting it to A2 DJI and use the DR16 internal receiver of the A2 with my Futaba 14SG.

    Manuals and www search haven't helped me further.

    1. I connected RC-Roll from the Alexmos board with X2 at DJI A2 (only 2 wires GND and signal)

    2. In SimpleBGC GUI I set in the RC Tab as shown in the attached screen shot,
    - RC_ROLL pin mode to Futaba s-bus,
    - ROLL to "no input",
    - PITCH to "VIRT_CH_11"
    - YAW to "VIRT_CH_12"
    - CMD to "VIRT_CH_14"
    - FC-ROLL to "VIRT_CH_13" ?

    I understand this virtual channel assignment correctly I only have to map in Futaba the channels to the corresponding servos and switches?
    But nothing works. I am not sure if the SimpleBGC GUI setup is correct? and where do I find information on how I set this virtual channels?
  • I do not know DJI A2 but does X2 provide SBUS? You need to connect SBUS to the board for it to work. the virtual channels are just channels, i.e. they correspond directly to the channels indicated on your transmitters servo monitor.
  • Thanks Garug; yes, the X2 connector at the A2 is for S-BUS connection.
    But are my settings at the SimpleBGC GUI correct as shown?
  • To me they spare to be correct, but I do not know what channels your transmitter is sending for the gimbal use, I assume CH 11 to CH14

    I looked the A2 manual, if I understand correctly x2 is DBUS input. Have you splitted the SBUS signal? what is DR16 internal receiver? I am confused.

    Try first providing SBUS signal only to the basecamp board, and get it working.
  • A2 has an internal DR16 receiver which it uses.
    In the A2 manual when you look on page 7 (A2 image) and page 9 (C. S-BUS Receivers) the S-BUS signal is at X2.
    I have not splitter the S-Bus cable I went straight from Basecam Board to X2 and use the internal DR16 receiver. I thought that the board sends the signals through S-Bus to the DR16 receiver which is linked with my Futaba. Or do I understand something completely wrong here?
  • DJI abstracts the simple electrical connections so that they are not easily understandable for me. (and link to the referenced manual would help)

    The key is, is the Basecamp board receiving SBUS via A2 X2 connector. maybe it needs some configuration on DJI SW, I do not know.

    If you have a Futaba SBUS receiver, I suggest that you connect it to the board, to get it working, and then wonder how to get the SBUS out of the DJI stuff.

    This might help. http://forum.basecamelectronics.com/index.php?p=/discussion/1320/lightbridge-dbus/p1

    Ps. I still think the X2 is SBUS input for connecting LB etc. but as said, I do not have A2.
  • Check that your Futaba Rx is in the correct mode. You need to change it in order to use the S-Bus function.
  • Hi Klaus,

    Did you find a solution for this? I am right now in the same situation and could really use some good tips.

  • Hi Guys,

    I too just got the new Lightbridge 2 & also have the older version & would appreciate if someone could help us guys, as many have DJI products & would like to connect to it.