Roll turning when I move pitch up or down in following mode
  • Hello guys,
    I´m looking for a help with my gimbal.
    As you can see in the video (sorry for my weak english) -> https://youtu.be/uBmqyb3qmJU
    When I´m in the non-following mode, the gimbal works great. But when I change it to following mode, the problems happens.
    When I move the pitch up or down with the camera centered, most of the time it´s ok, but if the cam is slightly pointed in any direction, when I move it up or down, the roll moves too (and in the wrong direction), losing horizontality.
    I´m using a 32 bits board with 2 IMU´s, and I´m pretty sure that it could be a configuration problem, but I´ve tried everything, and the problem still the same.

    Another issue I have is in another one, every time I do the 6 position calibration by the software, it´s ok. But when I turn it off (write and disconect) and try to use it, it automatically erases the frame IMU calibration... Does anyone knows what could be happening?
    Thank you guys!!
  • It is difficult to see what happens, how are you follow settings?
  • Garug,
    Problem solved.
    I had 2 profiles
    1 - Follow just yaw.
    2 - Follow yaw and pitch

    The problem was that yaw axis was following my moves in any direction, so i made a 3rd profile without yaw following, and the problem it´s solved!