Calibration interrupted: risk of damage
  • hi

    I have a problem I can not leave: when Roll attempt PID auto-tuning, always, every time, make me an "Emergency Stop: Calibration interrpted: risk of damage" being impossible to get out of that loop. Apparently, all is well, the engines are not heated or errors appear 12C. Any idea what might happen?
  • Do you get sever shakes during the tuning?
  • No, it begins to tuning normal but after a while, the system stop with the "Emergency Stop: Calibration interrpted: risk of damage" :(
  • try tuning one axis at time, if that does not help find manually good starting values. Do you tune form existing or zero values. Might be something wrong on basic setup also. What FW is that?
  • Garug,

    I've spend a lot of time to solve it but I do not found any solution. I've reintalled everything for several times but nothing; I've also chaged the Alexmos 32 bit for another new one, but nothing: it is not possible to calibrate it. At this time, since I have to work with big a heavy cameras as the Arri Alexa, I need to find motors with a bit torque so I'm thinking to forget the brushless motor and work with any other. My question is, may I use, for example, Nema motors? if not, what do you suggest me?

    Thank you :)
  • With BaseCam controllers you will need 3 phase brushless motors.

    What motors are you using now?

    Look into your construction, it needs to be solid.

    That setup sounds something where you would need some consultancy and I am happy to provide for a reasonable fee, but need to see the gimbal. You can find my contact information here http://www.levitezer.com/styled/ (Kim)
  • Thank you Kim, at this time perhaps you have received my email, read it please. The motors we are using are: http://www.dualsky.com/motor/Xmotor_GB_SR.shtml - model: XM7015GR-SR