cannot connect by usb
  • I cannot connect by usb.
    when I want to chose "connection" I have two options.


    there is no usb to select.

    gr Roland
  • In my experience, this almost always comes down to either not having the USB to UART driver installed, or not having the USB cable all the way in.
  • Hi. I'm on about my 15 hour of troubleshooting and I could really use some help. I've been attempting to connect the Beholder DS1 Gimbal to SimpleBGC to failing attempts on my MacbookPro. The device is not showing up for connecting in the drop down menu.

    For reference: I've been on multiple forums, installed the proper drivers, tried 4 different USB cables (even went out and purchased a new one just in case). I've followed the install directions by reading them over and over and over to make sure I'm not doing something improper. Which means I created the lock file and gave it permissions via Terminal. I've installed 2 different drivers -- these two:

    FTDI http://www.ftdichip.com/Drivers/VCP.htm
    CP2102 http://www.silabs.com/products/mcu/pages/usbtouartbridgevcpdrivers.aspx

    And it still won't show up. I've powered my computer down. Everytime I attempt to reconnect it, I ALWAYS shut the program prior to the reconnect attempt. I have about 15 hours invested in attempting to connect this and I wonder if someone could watch the following video to let me know if they see something I'm doing incorrect.

    Thanks. Here's a video of what I'm doing: https://youtu.be/KlUDSrFP5pw
  • I'm having exactly the same problem. Trying to connect a Macbook Pro to the DS1 via USB to the top USB port on the sled. Have used the terminal commands, installed the UART driver, and do not find the option for the dev/slab_USB. option to connect to.

    Any help, anyone can share would be appreciated.