what specific (basecam) gimbals use encoded motors that support CMD_CONTROL
  • We would like to use the serial API for the basecam board to set a precise yaw and pitch angles. We are looking at the HD Air Infinity 360 Gimbal with encoded motors, it uses the latest alexmos control board. We need to programmatically change the angles of the yaw and pitch using the API. For example, we want to change the yaw angle to 30.2 degrees and the pitch to 86.5 degrees using the CMD_CONTROL. Does anyone know any gimbal manufacturers that have licensed this capability and implemented it? As anyone tried it with the HD AIR Infinity 360 or any other gimbal?
  • We also have an ARRIS gimbal with an alexmos board without encoders, could we add motor encoders and reflash the board to enable angle setting functionality?
  • yes you can do that a lot of people are doing this with there gimbals