Came-Action2 Gimbal Behaving Erratically
  • I'm a gimbal/SBGC newbie so any help would be appreciated. I decided to purchase the Came-Action2, because it has encoders.

    I'm in desperate need of help to get my new Came-Action2 working properly. As it's a brand new gimbal, there is not any support for this online at all, and Came-TV support has not responded to my queries. I bought this gimbal for my iPhone 6, and out of the box, it was tilted to the right side. I decided to try to calibrate it through SBGC, as I didn't think I would mess anything up. I tried a simple calibration, and it seemed to work at first. Unfortunately, after calibrating a few times, the gimbal started acting erratically, and now, it doesn't work at all. It just moves around with no rhyme or reason. Also, I accidentally may have updated the firmware on the gimbal, I'm not sure if this may have caused more problems :(

    I'm afraid I may have messed up some of the settings in SBGC. I did not change the PID values, and tried to load the old profiles I saved. It still does not work, and I think the settings might be messed up. I'm at a loss at what I should do next. I'm pretty upset that I may have really messed up it up, and that I might not be able to get it to work again. Any suggestions out there on how to get the gimbal working properly again?
  • If you do not get support from the manufacturer, I suggest you make sure what you now have is saved, erase EEPROM and do complete setup according the BaseCam users manual. Not easy at the first time, you need to read the users manual carefully and follow exactly.

    Did the gimbal ever work with your iPhone? first thing you need to make sure is it is balanced.
  • Thanks for the suggestion, Garug. I'll try that out soon. The gimbal worked with my iPhone at first, it was just tilted to the right constantly, which made me want to attempt to re-calibrate. Apparently it was supposed to be calibrated already, but the tilt was really bothering me.
  • If you calibrated it correctly, that should not cause any problems. See the users manual how to calibrate.

    Note, you must use same version of firmware and GUI, or there could be problems like you describe.
  • Hello Rezo82,
    Have you managed to get it back to work?
    I messed up this morning as well. I didn't update the firmware, only changed a few settings in the Basic PID and Advanced tab. But I did it in a newer GUI software version than the firmware.
    That was not so smart ...
    Now it is also moving around like crazy.
    I downloaded the correct GUI afterwards, but that doesn't help.
    if you or Garug have any suggestions that would be great :-)