Aerialpixels BGC Pro contoller cables
  • Looking for replacement cables for this controller, ideally I would like to get the IMU cable for the frame IMU as well as the 4 pin molex motor connectors with the locking tab as this unit is going to be subject to knocks as the motor cables coming loose is a real possibility

    I have contacted already aerialpixels.com - (no response) and brushlessgimbal.ca - (unable to supply replacements)


    same unit available here


    can anyone recommend and alternative supplier


  • Those motor cables should not come loose easily and generally it would be good to instal the cables so that the connectors take no loads.

    However I do not know that board, or alternative suppliers for it. The connector looks pretty generic, The board supplier should be able to give the type of it at least...
  • the original motor connectors have been replaced with servo connectors unfortunately which is why I'd like to go back to the locking connectors.

    The most important part is to get the IMU lightning -> 4 pin connector for the second IMU
  • Could you take the pins out of the servo connector and insert them to the original connector, just make sure the order does not change.
  • I finally figured out where I'd seen the 4 pin connectors, they are Molex SL, the same series used on most 5 pin FPV transmitters.

    I knew I'd seen 4 pin versions in the past, I finally remembered they were used on PC CD/DVD analogue audio connections between the drives themselves to inputs on sound cards and motherboards.
    I am keeping my eyes open for discarded computers at the moment.

    Still no luck with the IMU cable(s) unfortunately