Yaw will not lock motor seems very weak
  • Hi I have been building a 3 axis gimbal using RCtimer motors 2 x GBM8108-9036N42P for pitch & roll & 1 x GBM5208-200T
    12N14P for the YAW.
    An AlexMos SimpleBGC 32-bit Brushless Gimbal Controller FW ver 2.56 b7. The setup has 2 IMU's, frame & camera, they're calibrated & work correctly. The pitch & roll works perfectly, the motors lock & hold position without a problem. The same cannot be said for the yaw, it will not hold, it seems to not have enough power to lock, it drifts & renders the gimbal useless.
    I have tried a different motor, different loom, different controller board, 3s battery & 4s battery along with every conceivable PID setting & adjustment. I'm at my wits end with this & cannot figure out why the YAW will not work. My only thoughts is that its a firmware issue. Anyone out there having similar problems? Has anyone had similar issues & found a fix? Any help would be very much appreciated.
  • Hello,
    Please, make a video where we can see your problem. thank you.
  • Hi Andrew Will get a Video & all GUI settings across in a few days. Thanks for the response.
  • So 8108 on pitch and roll, and a small 5208 for yaw? What camera are you trying to use? If you have such large motors on pitch and roll it sounds like you are using a big camera. A 5208 is way, way, way too small for a good hold on YAW. .......IMHO.
  • At present I have a canon 7D on it, but it will not hold at all, with or without a camera. As mentioned I have tried with another motor without success. Will post a video when I get back to the workshop.
  • I would try a larger motor on YAW. Check out the WASP Cages. They are only $99 now. You can also get an 8017 to work in their, or a GB85. My opnion is the 5208 didn't have much holding power, but the 8017 definitely did. If you are saying its going basically limp, is it no resistance at all? If there is a little something I would try swapping motor outputs. Make yaw go to the roll output, rolll to yaw, make sure you change the settings in the GUI so its properly using the right output.

    could also do a screen shot of some of the basic and advanced settings. Do Alt+Print Screen, then open MSPAINT and paste. Save as a jpg. Garug is always helping, and I figured I'd try my best because I've been at this for a few years now.


  • @Mapoff
    Thank you for your suggestions & help, I really do appreciate it.
    Unfortunately I'm currently away from my workshop until Monday & then will be traveling for some time.
    So I apologize for the slow progress at my end at this point.
    I will look at getting one of the motors that you've recommended & will post screen shots & a vid as soon as I can.
    Again thanks for your time & assistance.
    Stay tuned.
  • Based on suggestion by @mapoff I have ordered a GMB 8108 for the yaw on my gimbal. will report back once fitted.
  • Did it work. You could switch the pitch and yaw for now and see if that does it. 5208 would be fine on pitch. I have that one on mine with a 60d and it holds great. Also using 5208 on roll too and it holds fine also. It just didn't work on yaw so I went up to a 6208 with encoder there.
  • Still waiting on delivery of the new motor.....
  • Motor arrived today, now have to make or find an adapter to mount it. Any suggestions on where I can find carbon fibre motor mounts that can be modified or that is specific for a GMB 8108?