Gimbal going crazy
  • Searched all over, couldn't find a solution for my problem. Recently got this 3 axis gimbal with an 8 bit board, Soon as I add power to it, it just moves all over; vibrating and moving along the different axis. Tried updating the firmware, downgrading, calibrating acc/gyro, nothing changes. Anyone have any insight?

    Here's a video of what's happening:
  • Most likely it is just not correctly set up. You need to perform the basic setup according the users manual, all steps, in the order they are described. Including mechanical aspects like balancing, IMU attachment and orientation etc.

    It is possible something is broken, but more likely just the setup.
  • This gimbal didn't come with a manual, so I'm kinda running around the net looking for some form of instructions. One thing of note, I do notice that the IMU sensor is different from the ones I see that normally come with this board in photos online, not sure if that would make a difference. I do know a little about electronics, but I pretty much connected everything the way they looked like they should be connected and that was the response I got.

    I already balanced the gimbal with help from youtube videos, the only thing slightly off is the roll. IMU is placed where it's supposed to be although it can't be screwed into position (there are 4 screw holes and they're all too small on the one included), outside of that, I'm not sure what I could be doing incorrectly or what I should do to correct this.

    I've tried the calibrations in the GUI and after it calibrates, it just goes back to moving crazy.
  • The BaseCam user manual can be found from top of this page.
  • Yea, I already went through it. After doing the motor calibration, I noticed that if I set the the PID values to 0 the craziness stops. I can increase the I/D values without it going bonkers but any value I put into P causes it to shake. Any suggestions?
  • Ok, so after playing around with the settings a bit more, I got it 90% working. My only issue seems to be to set the home position for the YAW, the position that it goes back to is not the center.
  • Finally!! Someone that's having the same problem! I had the 8bit card first and now the 32bit version. Can't get rid of the shaking, as soon as I power the gimbal it starts going mental on all axes and I can't seem to stop it. What did you do to make it work?
  • Crazy gimbal can be alot of things. I2C errors, bad IMU cable, bad IMU, bad IMU mount, IMU not calibrated right.