PWM with Yaw encoder alone
  • I want to put an encoder on my Yaw motor (not the other 2 axis), but is it possible to use a PWM encoder with the normal firmware?

    I have an AS5048B encoder which I want to put on my Yaw motor, but when I look at the settings in the SimpleBGC GUI it only gives me the option to use a potentiometer (on analogue input ADC1-3).

    I do not want to have to put encoders on all my axis just to be able to use the special encoder firmware as it is only the Yaw that I have any problems with. But it seems that you can only use PWM and I2C encoders with this special firmware. whereas the normal firmware allows for a Yaw encoder only. The problem witht a potentiometer is that it doesn't allow for the continuous 360 rotation I need from the Yaw.
  • Hello!

    We will try to add PWM type of encoder in regular firmware in next release. Check 2.58 version release notes to find, was it implemented or not. Also you can check for beta version to receive update faster.

    Regards, Aleksey
  • Ok, that is done - all PWM types and I2C types of encoders are supported now in regular firmware for YAW axis. You need to upgrade to 2.55b8 (beta) firmware and GUI. (Link to GUI is in the firmware description.)
  • is it 2.55 or 2.58 and where do I download?? would like to change from pot to magnetic encoder while I am waiting for my new encoder motors to come-I bought the upgrade encoder firmware. Also can't wait to get the enhanced 32 bit board!!
  • It is on the GUI, upgrade, check beta.
  • Does a 5048 take up the same space as a 8017? I have the 8017 and love my gimbal cage for it, just want to move to an encoder on the yaw.
  • "Does a 5048 take up the same space as a 8017? " I do not understand the question, what are they?
  • I guess I'm looking for an all in one motor with an encoder built into it, that takes up the same vertical space as an 8017 motor. I'm really looking to use the same motor cage for my 8017/GB85, but with a motor with an encoder. For use on YAW. I'm happy with tilt and roll.
  • I guess my question is derailing the topic but I'm using an 8017 right now. I believe the front to back spacing is 26mm. I'm looking for a motor that will be the same size so I can keep using the cage that I am.

  • Why not instal encoder to what you have?
  • I carry by special order! no one was interested when the encoder motors , with encoder inside, were for sale to general public! now factory only producing them by special order!
  • How do I add an encoder to a 8017 that is installed in a cage? I don't see any room to fit something else inside. Please please give me more info. I'm very excited to hear I can do that. The 8017 is a really nice motor and I love the cage I have with it.
  • you have 2 options we can redo a new cage for you for seem less Encoder plate fit. The other option is to modify your existing cage, magnet need to be mounted center of the motor bottom. Mount the encoder & plate on the bottom on top of the magnet , the motor encoder palate should bolt on hole patter will match up, if not make new ones in the cage, the carbon fiber will be too thick so you need longer bolts. Not sure how this will work with a slip ring !
  • you can also fit inside the cage you will need lot more parts , spacers to make up 5mm , longer screws , new 4 x 35mm stand off's same as above but inside the cage hell of a lot more parts required spacers pleased on top of each clamp to make up 5 mm match stand off so encoder plate will fit inside the motor cage .
  • Is there any motors with an encoder already built into them, that would fit in a 26mm high space? I suppose I could make room for an encoder with spacers but was hoping for a different method.
  • I forgot that I don't have any way to accept the encoder input on my 32bit controller I don't think. I think for now if I figure out what my in air yaw problems are I'll be in good shape.
  • sorry, but i dont find firm. 2.58 b8 in GUI, upgrade, check beta
    The last firm is 2.59b9 but it doesn't has the PWM types and I2C types of encoders for yaw
  • I'm trying to set the regular firm 2:59 b4 with a single encoder on yaw. The frame imu must be disabled? if you disable it, the yaw works perfectly, while pitch and roll goes on tilt. thank you
  • the problem is solved: disabled imu frame and activated Estimate frame angles from motors (Follow)