Shutter control via SimpleBGC 32bit?
  • Hi.
    I'm trying to work out a solution for GH4 and panorama script with automatic shutter release via simpleBGC board. Im a the point, where the script is running as it should, but the shutter doesn't want to start (im taking power nad GND from the bioard, signal is frome the Rx. Funny thing is that it worked once via button starting the script, after I swiched the connections to make it go RC via CMD it doesnt -.-
    Any ideas? Maby someone here had succesfuly done this kind of setup and could trow some hints or screenshots (pin connections, GUI setup)?
    Trigger that im using:

    I will be grateful for any help :)
  • I built my own shutter with an arduino. It's looking for a pwm greater than 1600. I have to power on the transmitter first before powering gimbal. Then I set the rc command to the channel I want. It's no scripting involved for me.
  • Did you get this to work?