• hello my gimbal working perfect but is unreliable.
    Sometime when i start or about 10 minutes it it doesn t work, stay fixe and impossible to connect
    like a bug my card is official alexmos 32 bits V3
    i am the only whith that ?????????
  • I have plenty of BaseCam boards, no such problem, so probably something in your system
  • in my systeme what you mean ? a shortcut in imu wire did bug the firmware ?
    when it is happened all motors are hard and motionless ...
  • If it would be firmware/EEPROM corruption problem, just save settings, erase EEPROM and reload FW. likely it is something else.

    Absolutely ensure there is no possibilities for short circuits, that could break something. Make sure cabling and connectors are ok, motors are ok, etc.
  • all connection are ok because my gimbal working great ... sometimes !!! also i can t work with it is not reliable ...
  • No, that does not guarantee connections are ok. It could be bad contact on connector, broken cable (silicone IMU cable can break so that it occasionally makes connection) or it could be bad motor, sometimes motor wiring can touch the metal parts in some orientation etc.
  • wrong contact in silicone imu wire could be the way of bug ?
  • not bug but the reason for the failure.

    But with the information available I can only guess.
  • in my case the bug controller after a few minutes: engines become rigid leds 2 imu are on and the controller has green red LED continues (not flashing after initialisation) !!!