Trouble with Yaw Joystick at follow mode
  • Hi from germany,

    My gimbal works very well with alexmos 2.30b5. I coppied my main profile and configurated it for joystick function. Tilt/pitch works fine but if I activate Yaw (RC-Settings-Yaw=RC Roll analog) it rotated quickly. At basic-settings the red dot at the compas rotate like hell! the joystick function is not working at this moment!

    What is my mistake?

  • Discribe in more detail when what happens? Is it emitiatly turning and keeps on turning? , or is it when you touch the joystick?
  • Hi, no immidiatly after clicking "RC-Roll analog+write" it turns and jerks. All PIDs etc. are the same like normal follow mode and non-follow mode.
  • Hi, no imediate idea what can be wrong. Shure you select pwm or analog
  • Tnaks vanderpoel for your help!!

    RC Settings:

    RC_Roll pin mode = Normal (PWM or Analog)
    Roll = no input
    Pitch = RC_Pitch analog
    Yaw = RC_Roll analog (jerking, jitter, compas (red dot) is rounding in circules)

    Follow mode:

    activated: "Follow PITCH-ROLL_YAW"
    Follow ROLL start, deg = 0
    Follow ROLL mix, deg = 90

    activated: Follow YAW
    PITCH offset = 21
    YAW offset = 12

    Deadband degrees = 3,7
    Expo curve = 30
  • Follow pitch yaw. Start should be 90 and mix 0, but not shure this will fix