ENCODER Gimbal- random Motor suddendly looses all Power until recalibration
  • so the gimbal works very good handheld , I can shake the gimbal by hand like crazy ..all fine
    but sometimes one of the motors suddenly drops the power...pitch or roll and yaw...allways only one of them
    the data monitoring look good, encoders work and the motor indicator goes up when I press against it...but there is very little power
    I have to recalibrate the encoders completely to get it to work

    3-axis gimbal (camera-pitch-JAW-roll
    gimbal weight with camera 800g
    tiny pro from elitepower, fw 2.50 and also 2.56
    ec45en motors
    battery 6s
    power settings around 80 Pitch ,100 for yaw , 150 for roll
  • so I tried a lot more
    I started from scratch with the newest fw , GUI and Board
    and same thing no matter what I try..
    -4s or 6s
    -little output power or maximum output power
    -warming and cooling model on or off

    after a bit of time one motor just decreases the power to almost none
    the Software tells me it ouputs all power when I press it with a finger but the motor doesnt get it
    rebooting the gimbal doesnt work, cooling it down doenst work but recalibration works allways...perfect gimbal for a few minutes and the then randomly one motor is gone (pitch or or roll or yaw)

    its either a software proplem, or the Tiny Pro is not working
    but I have 2 of them and both have the same problem

    maybe anybody has another idea , otherwise I will give up
  • Hello,

    Strange problem. What type of encoders you have? The lost of torque that you are describing, seems like information about stator-to-rotor angle is correct only at start, but then it becomes wrong. Possible reasons: encoder start to add offset to the the measured angle. If it is magnetic encoder, I can assume that magnet slips ofer shaft. Another version: something changes inside encoder, may be voltage drops, or it is heated and it affects its reading.

    After recalibration you remove that strange offset , and system is working again.
  • thanks for help!
    this motor with AS5048A

    the strange thing is that it affects all 3 motors , but never more then one at a time
    one roll motor has become a loose shaft after all this tuning, so there is a bit of play on the motor bell now...but this is not the motor that looses the power mostly, mostly its the pitch motor ,which has also the lowest power setting

    I will try to see if I find something strange in the monitoring tab , and also check the insode of the motors again
  • just to be sure
    my Gimbal is ...camera-pitch -YAW-roll
    could this be a problem since there is no way to set this up in the software correctly?
  • From some of your remarks, I could assume that unusual order of axes is not a reason - you say that GUI shows power but motor does not respond. And after reboot, any software -accumulated error should gone, of course but reboot does not help as you said.

    Try to mark any position of rotor-stator of the motor (by marker or scratch) and rememer the angle reported for that positions by encoder, for each motor. When bug repeats, try to check these angles again in the same position. Normally, it should be 100% repeteability.
  • bingo!
    I opened the motor with the loose bell
    the magnet sits on the piece that secures the bell against the motor,
    all this was completely loose, and they didnt use lock tight on it!
    will use proper lock tight now and report back!
  • Please, make a shot and mark where is loose - it may be useful for other owners of this motor, and we will send it to Etecpower a "bugreport".
  • yes I will
    they basically did a poor job on the loctite
    one of three motors was ok
    will power the gimbal up now and see how it goes
  • ok , so now its working good for several minutes
    cant post a picture of the inside , dont want to take it apart now :)
    but basically you have to check the part with the magnet that also holds the bell in place

    the loctite they used is either .. not good, or the part was dirty or they didnt use enough of it
    some pid vibrations of the gimbal and it gets loose for sure

    Thanks so much for bringing up the idea to check this, I almost gave up on it!