Problem with SPI encoders AS5048A and AMT203
  • i Have the following problem: Use a board Tiny Pro with encoders: For roll used a AS5048A with SPI, and the YAW use an AMT203. encoder with SPI when I enable the two encoders do not work and the window DEBUG, these appear with many read errors .If use each separately, ie disabling the other, it works well and do not appear this misreading. In others gimbal I use the MT203 for two axis and work fine.
  • Maybe you need to adjust the resistor, do you have oscilloscope to see the edges of the signal.
  • Thank for you comment. But this is not the problem. Both cables the encoders are very short. I put the resistors but not resolver the problem
  • Would still be good to verify with oscilloscope how the SPI signals look, also to verify that +5V provides enough current to power the encoders.

    I have couple of 32 bit Tiny, but have not been using it with encoders.
  • Hi,
    Some time ago I found out that on the Tiny Simple Connections PDF file, the AUX pins are labeled from up to down, AUX 3 2 and 1. The Roll chip select should be AUX 1, but the labeling in the pdf is incorrect. It is reversed. From up to down it actually should be AUX 1 2 and 3.

    I also measured the connections up to the microController and compared it to the regular 32bit board, and this seems to be the case. The read errors may come because on of the AUX pins (AUX 1 on the pdf) is allways held low, and this means the roll chip is selected and when it tries to read the MT203 ecoder, it also selects that chip and the two chips try to answer at the same time.